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For the love of rainbows

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

How we're doing our bit and saying thank-you...

The Coronavirus has put a strain on us all, many of us staying at home and helping prevent the spread. But for key-workers that’s not been possible; they’ve continued to support and care for the those in need, with many missing out on valuable family time due to self-isolation or just sheer workload. So, now it’s my turn to say 'thank-you' and give you something back for your selfless commitment to protecting and improving the health of others. That’s why upon opening I will be offering a 25% discount off our golf and tennis prices, just for key-workers in our first month of re-opening. The fight isn’t up yet but your continued commitment isn’t going unnoticed - I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say ‘You are all amazing!’

Once we know we're close to opening again, I'll let you know how key-workers can enjoy a day with us at this specially discounted rate.

Thank you all again,

Liam Drew.

p.s. - We can't promise such a rainbow of coloured balls, but this image seemed to apt as we all reflect on the symbolism of the rainbow and find our own ways to bring some colour into the greyest of days!


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