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Welcome to our website!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We're getting ready for our re-opening...

After months of planning, I’m so excited to announce the launch of Holein1’s new website. From the day I opened it’s always been on my ‘to do’ list but whenever I found the time the question of ‘where do I start’ always seemed to occur. That’s when I stumbled across Sara-Jane Williams of Brandlanterns and my goodness hasn’t she done a sensational job! I hope you like the website as much as I do but look deeper and you’ll find there’s much more under its trendy exterior...

The Weather Cam - in my eyes the quirkiest but most practical feature on the website! Ever sat at home thinking about popping down for a round but unsure what the weather is doing in Lynmouth? Well look no further, click the button and it directs live to the Lynmouth webcam showing you (hopefully) how beautifully sunny it is!

The News Page - A place you can pop back every month to read my exciting new blogs, keep updated with who’s dominating the locals leaderboard or just cast your mind back to memories of The Lynmouth Open. If you're wanting to stay updated with the latest news this is the place to come.

The Subscribe Button - This will give you the option to be the first to know of our news, fantastic prizes and special offers. I won’t be bombarding you every 5 minutes, I can assure you of that - just a monthly newsletter, sent by email. After reading this you should have come down with a mild case of FOMO, but that’s fine Doctor Liam has the cure... just return to our home page and get subscribing!

I’ll now button it so you have the time to go and explore our new site. Just be sure to check back regularly for exciting news that’s yet to ‘tee off’ and if there’s anything you can’t find then please just get in touch.

Thanks as always for your support,

Liam Drew.


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