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Yay! I made the finals!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

My thanks to my customers and followers...

I write my first blog as I’m catching some rays, sipping on a nice cold beer in the quarantine sun. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, it felt great to receive the following new dose of positivity. It was through a fellow business owner that I first became aware of Business Action magazine. Delving deeper, I found I hadn’t missed the deadline for their business awards and so, taking the ‘I have nothing to loose’ approach, I quickly decided to enter the Young Entrepreneur award.

Sat with hopeful eyes I watched the video naming the finalists (see below), and it became apparent that maybe what I am doing is OK! All thoughts of rainy days sat in the kiosk, seeing only a handful of people and wondering if I'd made the right decision (read more here). Making the finals, along with a very highly supported season last year, tells me that maybe ‘my elders’ don’t always know best!

It only seems right to thank the five judges for considering me but it is YOU, my customers and followers, that get my biggest thanks because if you've taken the time to get down this far in the blog your continued support means a lot. One must stay hopeful during this unprecedented time and so therefore I cannot wait to welcome you back on course soon. (I've attached a teasing photo above to remind you just how great our putting green looks as you descend the Lynmouth Cliff Railway!).

All the best,

Liam Drew.

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